Over the past couple of years, I’ve taught the following:

  • (Summer 2019) “Core Mathematical Skills for Statistics/Data Science”, an intensive short sequence of sessions reviewing the necessary parts of undergraduate calculus and linear algebra necessary for a masters’ degree in Statistics or Data Science at Columbia
  • (Summer 2018) I lead a sequence of 10 review sessions (approx. 90 minutes each) for PhD students taking the ‘Statistical Inference’ qualifying exam

I’ve also been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

  • (Spring 2020, current) GU4241/GR5241 Statistical Machine Learning
  • (Fall 2019) UN2103 Applied Linear Regression Analysis
  • (Fall 2018) GR5242 Advanced Machine Learning (course page)
  • (Summer 2018) GU4241/GR5241 Statistical Machine Learning
  • (Spring 2018) GR6203 Theoretical Statistics II (PhD-level class)
  • (Fall 2017) GR5204 Statistical Inference
  • (Spring 2017) GU4231/GR5231 Survival Analysis
  • (Fall 2016) GU4203 Probability